• Stilicho

    warbling songs with a silvery voice in a minor key

About Us

Stilicho plays traditional Irish songs such as have been passed down through the generations: songs sung in rousing choruses at the pub and in quiet circles around the hearth. Our songs are born from the heart of Ireland, telling stories of battles waged and loves lost, of whiskey and the sea and the Emerald Isle, of rebel-heroes and days of old.

Stilicho plays traditional Irish music in the style of the great stalwarts The Clancy Brothers, Dubliners, Corries, and countless unnamed poets whose songs are passed down through oral tradition from generation to generation. Stilicho takes its name from the last great general of the Roman Empire, Flavius Stilicho, who waged war as an art form, fought hundreds of grim battles in defense of civilization and culture, and was eventually executed for this great devotion. Stilicho the band devotes its study of traditional music to the restoration of Irish culture and its great musical heritage.


They danced by the light of the moon
She handed him a blunderbuss from underneath her cloak
Three times round spun our gallant ship and she sank to the bottom of the sea
Where are the sneers and jeers that you bravely let us hear when our heroes of '16 were executed?
In the Year of Our Lord, eighteen hundred and six

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